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Prepare Before Getting Botox Injection in Toronto

Many techniques to control skin aging are being introduced by leading medical spa clinics.  From Botox injections to Laser Fractional in Toronto and other parts of the world are becoming popular day by day.

stock-photo-13943858-botox-injection-in-female-skinJust like laser fractional, Botox injection in Toronto and rest of the world has gathered its share of attention and acceptance. Here is how to prepare before and after getting the Botox injections.



  1. One must choose a doctor that is not only trusted but certified as well.
  2. Share everything about previous medical history and current medical situation. Every time of information about allergies must be told to the doctor beforehand.
  3. Seek suggestions from expert about the most suitable Botox treatment one may undergo
  4. One must avoid blood thinning medication like aspirin, Vitamin E, omega 3 etc.


  1. One must keep their hands off the area where the Botox has been injected.
  2. Do not rub or massage the treated area for at least one day.
  3. Do not consume alcohol or any kind of drug and steroids.
  4. Stay away from sweaty physical activity.
  5. Do not undergo any beauty treatment like peels, facials etc.
  6. Contact the doctor if any severity arises.